How to prevent water damage inside and outside of your home
April 25, 2017

Fire safety

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Fire Safety

  1. Create a fire safety plan. Determine a meeting place and how your kids will exit your house.
  2. Install smoke detectors. Check them at least once a month. Is the light still on? Consider getting a newer 10 year model that has no battery replacement needs.
  3. Light on. 10 year models – no battery needed.
  4. Place your fire extinguishers near locations most common for fire hazards like the kitchen or grill
  5. Unplug or turn off unused appliances. They can heat up and spark. Don’t leave it running all the time.
  6. Extension cords should be the correct gauge for the appliance being used. Too much power for the cord can heat it up and cause a fire. Any cord that is hot to the touch needs a stronger gauge. Placing rugs overtop of those cords is a huge hazard!
  7. Unplug space heaters. Use them with cautious and don’t leave them running Extension cords cannot hold the amount of power that they produce so do not use extension cords.
  8. Avoid multi-plug adapters. It’s too much power for that one outlet. The system is set up to trip when too much power is being pulled but this often fails which causes that fire hazard.